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Monday, November 8, 2010


Girl Guides and Little Friends Association
The society undertook several activities during the last year, among which are,
·         Donating stationery to Thembilipola Vidyalaya.
·         Conducting Annual New Year Festival
·         Conducting "Challenger 2003" programme.
·         Orgnizing Camps
·         Participating in Arts Exhibition organized by Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association
·         Kesharika Nanayakkara and Damayanthi of our school represented Sri Lanka at Girl Guides' Camp held in England.
·         Sachee Senanayake, Asirini Weerakkodige and Venubhashini Ekanayake participated in Camp held in Sangam, India.

Sri Lanka United Nations's Educational Circle
The main objective of the society is to inculate correct attitude to all the members by encouraging them to find international news in connection with this modern society.
T M A Randika Jayamini won the second place in the general knowledge context conducted for 58 Anniversary of UN, 2003. Also the school team won the 2 nd Place in Kurunegala district, in the Quiz organized by PAFFAREL Association.

Location & history

Loccation - kurunegala in north western province

Founded on July 1 1946, Maliyadeva Balika Vidyalaya at the begining was formed only by two teachers, 69 students, guided by Mrs C E V Fernando as the acting principal. The school's strong bond with Maliyadeva Boys' College cannot be regarded slightly.
Maliyadeva Boys' College, which began in 1888, in Bodhiraja Mawatha, was developed as an afflicated academic institute to Athkanda Vihara and was also known as, "English Buddhist High School".This can also be considered as the beginning of Maliyadeva Balika as well.
In 1928, Maliyadeva Boys' College shifted to its present location in Negombo road. Mr Godphry Madawala was the owner of that land then. The main building was built in 1938 with the support of Sir John Kothalawala, the senate member of Kurunegala at that time. In 1941, Maliyadeva College was registered as a mixed school for there wasn't a buddhist girls school in Kurunegala.
The land in Colombo road, which Maliyadeva Balika is situated today was purchased in 1943 by Sir John Kothalawala, president of YMBA Kurunegala and it was owned by YMBA. It was decided to transer the ownership of this land to government in order to build Maliyadeva Balika Vidyalaya, at the annual meeting of YMBA. After this Maliyadeva Balika Vidyalaya was born on July 1, 1946, with only 69 students and under the guidance of Mrs C E V Fernando. But then, its primary sections was opened to both girls and boys.